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The Sole shoe

On Hardest terrains,

On softest Platforms

Just Recognize it

And let the idea transform

It is not only a shoe

but our protector our mate

A friend so great.

As we are aware

It Exists in a pair

Smelly Sometimes

But we should always Care

A sock Is there

For us to wear

In our feet

To carry on to the Street.

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A hope in despair

In Darkest of time, A beam of light departing through the windows, shining like a star,Falling amidst the trees is sufficient to embark a spark of hope and Happiness.

The struggle for Peace and tranquility is arduous and passes through a path full of obstacles.However, after the divine has been attained, one is able to to listen high atop the mountains and deep in the oceans. The inner peace gives you satisfaction and thus solves the purpose of life.

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